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The international network of has been and still is involved in many projects. Urban planning and infrastructure development represent the core of the recent work. Though related activities such as architectural design and various research, as well as specific skills, like photography and writing, are subject of ongoing projects too.
Rob van der Bijl, founder and manager of the network has elaborated his professional activities and invites you to download his updated CV here...

Example Project: new tramway in Groningen (Netherlands) 2006-2014

Meeting at Valenciennes (SITURV)
Chef d'equippe Groningen
Rob van der Bijl
2 politicians of Groningen

2 x Régis Boulant (SITURV)

Rob van der Bijl has been for many years principal consultant for the tramway project of Groningen.
The new tram of Valenciennes (France)
Impressions of the technical and
political Groningen tour (2006)


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Wizyty studyjne w Polsce

Warszawa, Kraków, Poznañ, …:


W 1997 roku uruchomiono czesciowo po torach kolejowych miedzynarodowa
linie tramwajowa miedzy niemieckim Saarbrucken a francuskim Sarreguemines.

Koncepcja sieci tramwajowo-kolejowej:
Our ongoing research on the 2nd generation of TramTrain.
Our investigations into new criteria for the 'ideal TramTrain City;
by Rob van der Bijl (Amsterdam, Netherlands) and his partner
Axel Kuehn (Karlsruhe, Germany).